Matol Botanical

Q: How do I get started?
A: Purchase a Distributor Kit (it sells for $20 registration fee), send in the Distributor Registration & Agreement Form and you become a Supervisor entitled to purchase product at our maximum discount. The easy way is to call  MATOL at 1-800-363-1890 and tell them that you want to become a distributor, you need to  give them the following number  MB200-41744

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Q: What is the minimum order to receive  discount?
A:  The minimum order is 50 Commissionable Points(CP) of Personally Purchased Volume(PPV).

Q: What are Commissionable Points(CP)?
A: They are the points assigned to Matol’s commissionable products and are used to calculate qualifications, Royalty Override Bonuses(ROB’s) and incentives.

Q: What If I don't want to become a distributor but I want to save money anyways on purchasing KM Bottles and I want to do it through MATOL?
A:  Tell a Matol Representative that I made you a PREFERRED CUSTOMER, then you will pay ONLY $28 dollars for each bottle of KM -price does not include the cost of shipping and handling- order directly from MATOL. All you just need to quote is my distributor number MB200-41744, and everytime you place an order. just call 1-800-363-3890 .

Q: I am ordering more than one bottle, how much is the shipping and handling?
A: Just e-mail at For example for 2 bottles to Chicago Illinois is $8.90

Q: What is Matol’s Autoship Rewards Program(MARP)?
A: MARP affords you the convenience of having your orders automatically shipped to you on a regular basis each calendar month.  With a minimum single order of 250 CP of PPV, you will receive free shipping.

If You have more QUESTIONS, Please send them to   MATOL DISTRIBUTOR

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