The Genius behind KM


The formula that became "Km" was developed in 1922 by Karl Jurak. He created a unique natural formula that works together with the body’s systems to enhance general health and well being

 His extensive scientific research into different bloodstream disorders resulted in a unique liquid preparation of minerals and extractions from selected herbs formulated in a non-medicinal base.

  Jurak originally developed this preparation to provide him with more oxygen and physical stamina. However, during the early period of use, it became apparent that the formula did much more that oxygenate the blood and increase energy.

  Jurak emigrated to Canada in 1932 where he established solid credentials as an eminent scientist through the development of numerous proprietary commercial products in the field of Agrobiology and Biochemistry.

 During this period, the use and reputation of his health formula, "Km" ,spread through word of mouth.
Full commercialization of the product took place in 1984.

Inspired both by Karl and the benefits of this preparation, J.F. Robert Bolduc Co-Founded Matol Botanical International Limited in 1984 under the "Give & Receive" motto that best described Karl’s philosophy.

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