The Legacy of Karl Jurak

Km is a unique product with

14 botanical healing properties

Matol Kaps
This product has had such a positive impact on the lives of millions around the world is now available in a capsule format. This super convenient format allows you to take the Matol formula with you anywhere, anytime. Matol Kaps use the same active ingredients and botanicals as the Matol liquid preparation. Matol Kaps have been designed using advanced technology developed specifically for herbal ingredients. The result is a capsule that dissolves quickly for maximum absorption. 


Matol Liquid
A formula created by Karl Jurak in 1922 . Matol may enhance your general health and well being - particularly with regards to the immune system, hormonal balance, oxygenation, glandular balance, liver functions, skin clarity, circulation, detoxification, purification, energy, endurance and longevity. 
Matol Botanical Skin Care Lotion
Give your skin the comfort and care it deserves with Matol Botanical Skin Care Lotion. This soft and supple lotion has been carefully blended from the botanical properties of the Matol formulation and one of the most effective topical care agent available. 
Matola Gingko + III 
An extraordinary product which is a blend of Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, Garlic and Bilberry. This power packed combination is extolled for its memory improvement qualities along with that of vascular, ocular, circulatory and immune systems. Matola Gingko + III also increases blood flow to the brain. FOR OTHER MATOL PRODUCTS CLIK HERE!

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