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Matol's Km is truly a unique product unlike any other. While its compound is derived from herbs, the elements that Mr. Jurak chose from those herbs represents a tiny fraction of each plant. Therefore, the effects of Km cannot be compared to the effects of Any one or combination of the fourteen botanicals that make up the product. The company, Matol Botanical International, Ltd, makes no other claims for the product than an increased energy level. They believe that Km removes toxins from the blood and that purer blood carries more oxygen to all parts of the body. Increased oxygen is known to have many effects on individuals--many of those results have been reported by people who have been using Km on a daily basis.

Independent scientific laboratory tests have proven that the product is safe for individuals of any age. Many thousands of people in Canada, the United States and other parts of Europe has experienced truly miraculous changes in their various conditions. What it does for one person, it may not do for another. It seems to be that each body has individual needs and responds accordingly.

Tests have shown that as much as 40% less oxygen is present in the exhaled breath of persons who are taking Km. Km is non-toxic. However, a short 2-3 day period of possible fatigue, headaches, skin eruptions, dizziness or diarrhea is not unusual and it is a good sign that Km is working.

Depending on your age and physical condition, you may prefer to start taking Km one teaspoonful at a time, increasing it to the recommended daily allowance in a few days. If experience any of the body reactions mentioned, you may wish to decrease your dosage for a few days but do not stop altogether.

Since you only can know how your own body feels, it will be up to you to increase or decrease the amount taken. Be aware of your body and let it tell you when it needs more or less.

Km is meticulously bottled in Canadian Laboratories under the watchful eye of the Canadian Food and Drug Administration.

Please notice the label carries NO warnings. It would be mandatory if the product was harmful. The product also carries a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after using it for 30 days, return the bottle to your distributor for a refund.

Approximately one-third of the users will experience noticeable results within minutes, hours or days. Another one-third will respond within a few weeks. However, sometimes it takes approximately two or three months for others to notice an improvement in their condition. In Jurak 's words--"For a lifetime, it has helped me, my family and friends. In over sixty years, given time, I have never seen this product fail once in helping do some good for the people using it." This unnamed formula of Karl Jurak's was never intended to be a commercial product and remained in his circle of family, friends and associates until October, 1984, when it became available to Canadian customers as a Therapeutic agent called Matol.

It has been sold in the U.S. only since October , 1986 under the name Km and is considered a nutritional supplement in this country. The active ingredients in both products remain the same and is tested for purity before is shipped to the public. The product is older than most of us on the planet earth - 68 years. It can't hurt you and it is already helping so many other people in this world. And we thank you for letting....Km...begin changing your life, too!


From many "Km" users, incredible personal claims have been made such as:

1. Blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides have decreased to normal levels.

2. Arthritis and bursitis sufferers have had good results.

3. ENERGY level increase is the claim most often heard.

4. Migraine headaches, in many cases, have completely stopped.

5. Muscles spasms have stopped.

6. Many people claim to fell much calmer - less extreme mood - swings.

7. After taking "Km," race horse's performance levels have improved.

8. Many diabetics have reported that blood sugar levels have returned to normal.

9. A person with seborrhea noticed that affected areas of her body began to clear after

two months on "Km". Also, her dry, brittle hair totallychanged it's texture for the better during

two months period.

10. Loss of appetite is commonly mentioned, along with less food cravings.

11. Anemic blood counts have risen in certain people to healthy levels.

12. Complexions have been helped through topical application of "Km."

13. Very often people say that their thinking seems to be clearer and their

memory is better, after taking "Km"for several weeks.

14. Some people suffering asthma attacks had experienced excellent

results with "Km" as they feel that their breathing has improved.

15. "Km" can be applied to open wounds to aid in the healing process.

16. Many people with digestive disorders have found that "Km" seems to

aid their digestion by balancing the acid levels in the body.

17. Many people with chronic coughs have had their coughs stop completely.

18. People often give "Km" to their pets (in very tiny doses - like a drop).

REMEMBER, THESE ARE PERSONAL CLAIMS ONLY! "km, alone does not cure anything - the body does the repairing. The best way to find out what "Km" can do for you is to try the product.


It is very important to remember to take TWO doses a day for a minimum of one month and preferably, as long as three months to reap the benefits of what "Km" offers.




BODYBUILDERS USUALLY TAKE THEIR "Km" DOSAGE APPROXIMATELY THIRTY MINUTES BEFORE WEIGHTLIFTING. This seems to give the extra stamina needed to build body mass, and has been most effecting achieving a superior work-out!


"Km" has also found to be extremely beneficial to people who suffer from YEAST INFECTION or CHRONIC CONSTIPATION Numerous personal claims have been made in these two areas!

"In 66 years, given time, I have never seen this product fail once in helping do some good for the people using it."

Karl Jurak


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