"Km" Characteristic Summary:


Purifies the bloodstream

Helps the digestive system

Increases vitality through oxygenation

Slows the deterioration of the skin tissues and give a better complexion

A unique, proprietary preparation with no direct competition

Can be used beneficially and safely by everyone regardless of age, physical

Condition or medication intake

Full inspected by the FDA in the U.S. where it is defined as a food supplement

Compliments and works with all other nutritional products

Used safely for over 66 years to improve the health and well-being of countless users

The role of "Km" IS TO ACT IN THE BLOOD AS A BALANCE AND AS A CATALYST. "Km" also helps eliminate excessive fat, and rejects toxic substances from the blood. This will help keep the walls of the blood vessels clean of "lining" formations that create circulatory problems.

"Km" will increase the oxygen in the blood by up to 30 to 40%, and therefore better the health of the blood, responsible for the well-being of the six major organs and hundreds of minor glands.


Matol's "Km" is not a "cure -all" formula! It does not make any medical claims! But as Dr. Jurak puts it, "IT MAY PRODUCE RESULTS WHICH ARE SOMETIMES OUT OF THE ORDINARY!"

 "Km", alone cures nothing! It is an herbal blend in liquid form --a natural tonic that sets the body in balance and in harmony. With these nutrients, the body can make some tremendous changes for the better! "Km" acts as a CATALYST that HELPS the body does some amazing repairs!

 Because each individual is unique, the best way to find out what "Km" do for you is to try it! If you are not happy with the results after 30 days of regular use, return the empty bottle for a full refund! (Cost of shipping and handling not included)

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OXYGEN IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SUBSTANCE FOR LIVING. Oxygen is needed to convert any nutrient into energy.

An ample supply of oxygen in the lungs, blood and tissues, fosters radiant health. Oxygen consumption is enhanced by a proper balance of the element potassium (symbol K) in the blood.


Shortness of breath when walking, climbing, exercising or working

Tiredness, lack of energy, listlessness

Reduced mental capabilities, loss of memory

Weight out of proportion to bone structure

Common yeast infections

Impairs functioning of lymphocytes and red blood cells

Reduces sensuality and sex drive

Reduces immune defenses

Intensifies allergic reactions

Dehydration (a serious problem for the elderly)

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 · Fats are particularly voracious oxygen eaters.

· Soft drinks, caffeine and red meats take oxygen to neutralize acid.

· Drugs (including Dr.'s prescriptions) take oxygen to metabolize the toxic chemicals.

· Air pollution, insufficient ventilation, heavy insulation.

· Potato chips, steak, snacks, ice cream, cheese and crackers, etc.

· Metabolism of fats and proteins require EXTRA oxygen.

· Pesticides, herbicides, hydrocarbons and solvents which may reside in the fatty tissues, require MORE oxygen to metabolize them.

· Stress, infections, toxic chemicals emotion, physical traumas all increase the FREE RADICALS that are a mainspring of aging. Eventually, tissues depleted of oxygen cause degenerative disease.

Heavy meals, in general, lower the oxidation capacity of the body. Eat moderately to increase oxygen in the body and this will, in turn, decrease the craving for food by reducing hunger. INSUFFICIENT OXYGEN ENCOURAGES OVEREATING!

Persons who have large quantities of oxygen in their system are buoyant and active; their skin is radiant, chest expansion is large and the skin is warm.

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IMPORTANT: "Cells that become cancerous have lost their ability to utilize oxygen," according to Betty Kamen, Ph.D. She told of Dr. Warburg, M.D. (Nobel Prize Winner), who showed that cancer cells thrived in an oxygen-poor environment. He viewed cancer, not as a virus, but as a process of cell mutilation caused by oxygen deprivation of the cellular level. His theory still stands.

The Km food supplement balances chemical and pH in the body and increases oxygen in the blood approximately 30 to 40%.





WHEN OPENING BOTTLE: Remove ring from cap or bottle to prevent leakage.

SHELF LIFE: Km has a shelf life in excess of two years unopened and eight months opened and refrigerated, It does not have to be refrigerated if you're going to use it all the first month or so.

CRYSTALLIZATION: It is natural for km to form crystals after a period of time due to the saturation of minerals. You can chew on them if you wish. They are good for you

POTASSIUM CONTENT: The recommended serving of Km contains 585 mg of potassium, which is equal to a large banana or a four inch potato.

SPORTS: For an interesting test, try taking Km 1/2 hour before strenuous exercise or aerobic activity and compare the difference in your breathing, endurance, energy level and stress tolerance.

EXTERNAL USE: Keep in mind that Km may be applied externally for troublesome skin and for a more radiant complexion.

PETS: Try giving Km to your pets(in very tiny doses such as a drop or two) for a shining coat! Many people have found that it makes their pets healthier and happier!

HOW DO YOU SPELL RELIEF? km! Many people who have indulged in too much good food and drink have found Km to be the solution to their discomfort.

WITH MEALS: Similar too many foods as ginger and papaya that aid in digestion, many feel Km is an excellent digestive aid when taken with meals.

TASTE: If you don't like the taste of Km, try mixing it with a fruit juice such as apple, orange or grape juice. Most people find that the taste does not bother them after a few times.

DOSAGE RECOMMENDATION: Usual dosage for most people is one tablespoon taken twice a day. Older people, people who have any serious ailments, people who are taking any medication for a malady and children under 10 years of age should start with one teaspoon per day.

TEMPORARY SIDE EFFECTS: In the first week or two a few people notice some temporary side effects such as diarrhea, slight headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, tiredness, etc. Your body has the natural ability to clean house, so to speak, and once you begin taking Km, it may just do that -- clean house! If you do experience any of these temporary side effects, discontinue Km for three days, then begin again with a smaller dosage (such as one teaspoon once a day). After a week or two, you can raise the dosage to two tablespoons twice a day. Remember -- many people experience no negative side effect but if you do, they are only temporary!

REMEMBER THE 1/3 RULE: About 1/3 of the people who try Km feel results within the first few minutes to the first few days, another 1/3 feel results within the first one to three months. This is because each person's metabolism and body chemistry is different and unique!

 UNIQUENESS: Although one would get benefits from each of the individual ingredients of K the uniqueness of Km is in the synergy --the molecular bond of each ingredient to the other, producing an entirely new substance, greater than the sum of it's individual ingredients.

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 Leukemia - Km does not interfere with chemotherapy

 FDA minimum dosage (adult) - One ounce of Km per day

 Dosage for children under 7 - 1/2 adult dosage (1/2 ounce per day)

 People need to be on the product for 3 months to experience full benefit of the product

 Km does not interfere with radiation treatments.

 Sick people are usually depressed people.

 Our body detoxifies through the lungs, the kidneys and the liver.

 Km doesn't interfere with medications. Most often Km will help the medication to work more effectively.

Oxidation takes place inside the cell. The more red blood cells there are, the better retention of oxygen there is.

 All arthritis medications have major side effects. Km is used more for arthritis by Dr. Heinsen than for any other purpose.

Arthritis will flare up from time to time no matter what it is treated with.

 The Cancer Answer by Al Carter, talks about Km making the whole body better.

Proper mental attitude

Good cell nutrition

Exercise (rebound)

57 nutrients that the body can't manufacture on it's own are found in Km.

Amino acids (20)

Vitamins (all known to man)

Trace minerals (All in Km)

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